We Fuel The Leaders of the New Financial Services Economy

Canapi is where B2B fintech founders find the expertise, networks, and capital to scale. Collectively, we’ve founded the first bank on the internet, led a U.S. banking regulatory agency, and invested in 100+ founders that have dramatically improved how the economy works for everyone in it.


Expertise Matters

We’re on a mission to help our founders win. To do so, we’ve created the strongest community of financial and fintech leaders – both old and new – to create the modern financial paradigm.

B2B Fintech
Our single sector focus, allowing us to build deep industry expertise
Years of combined venture capital, banking, regulatory, and operating experience
Value created by our team as founders and operators prior to Canapi
Commercial partnerships between Canapi investors and portfolio companies

Converging The Worlds of Traditional Finance and Fintech

Canapi was founded with the support of 33 of the 100 largest financial institutions across the US. We now count 70 members of the Canapi Alliance ranging from community to regional to super regional banks and service providers.

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